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In the case of a defect of the bought product on our e-shop, our complaints department is there for you.

Warranty period is 24 month since the date of taking over of the product by a customer. In the case of used devices, it is 12 month according the law.

When applying the warranty, the Buyer is obligated to submit a valid warranty certificate or invoice. The Buyer applies the warranty at the service center or at the Seller. In the case of a defect, which appears before the sale (during the presentation, trying) or in the case of 3 same defect or 4 different defects recognized by the service center, a customer has a right for replacement of the product, if the conditions stated above was respected.

Warranty certificate shall contains:

  • Type of the product + serial number (IMEI)
  • Sale confirmation (date of the sale, stamp, signature and address of the Seller)

The warranty is invalid:

  • If a warranty certificate is incomplete or unjustifiably changed
  • If the type of the product or its serial number have been changed or serial number data on the product are not readable
  • If an unathorized person has changed data in a warranty certificate
  • When non-compliance of proper usage and maintenance of the product stated in the user manual
  • If an unprofessional or unauthorized intervene has been made on the product
  • With regard to a mechanical damage caused by an user
  • If a defect was caused by extraneous substances, which penetrated the device
  • If a defect was caused by an user via storing or using the device in inappropriate environment (moist, dusty, chemically aggressive environment)
  • If the device was connected to other than prescribed charger

Warranty for companies and businessmen:

According the Commercial Code – 12 months.

How to proceed with a complaint:

If your product appears to have signs of a defect which has not been caused by your fault or by any of above stated influences, fill in the following complaint form, or contact us on the phone number +421 951 003 959 or on e-mail address hello@doopshop.eu

According the law, a complaint has to be handled within 30 days since its claiming. In the case that it will not be recognized as a warranty one, we will inform you about possibility of a repair. In the case that you are aware that the warranty does not apply on a defect of your phone, feel free to contact us, we will offer you a possibility of repair for unbeatable prices.

The Seller shall confirm the reception of a complaint and gives a confirmation about a complaint of the product in proper form to the Buyer. A claiming day is a day when the complaint was received by the Seller. If it is not possible to deliver it immediately, it has to be delivered without undue delay, at the latest with the document about handling of a complaint. The confirmation about handling of a complaint will be sent in a written form. The Seller is obligated to immediately determine a way for complaint handling, in difficult cases within 3 days since the claiming. In justified cases, including in which it is need for difficult technological evaluation of the product, at the latest up to 30 days since the claiming. After determination of the way of handling with a complaint, the Seller shall handle a complaint immediately, in justified cases, it is possible to handle a complaint later. Handling with a complaint shall not be longer than 30 days since the claiming. After 30 days deadline for handling with a complaint, the Buyer has a right to withdraw from the purchase contract and a full price for the product will be refunded to him, or he has right for change the product for a new one.

Rights of the Buyer when claiming:

if a defect is removable, the Buyer has a right to free, proper and in time removing of it. The way of removing the fault is determined by the Seller. Instead of the repair, the Buyer can demand a replacing of the defected thing for a flawless one if no unreasonable costs are incurred to the Buyer, due to the price of the product, or relevance of a fault,
b. when irremovable fault, which makes a proper usage of the device impossible, occurs, the Buyer has a right to get a new device or to withdraw from the purchase contract (refunds).
c. a complaint is considered as handled when the complaint process is ended via submitting the claimed product, via its change or refund of the purchase price of the product, written invitation for take over of the performance or its justified refusal.

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