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The Buyer declares that he agrees his personal data to be processed and stored by the Seller, pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act No. 122/2013 coll. as amended,  including those which are stated below and/or which are needed during the Seller´s business and the Seller process them in all of his information systems. The Buyers gives this consent to the Seller indefinitely.

1. We deal your personal data professionally and delicately.

  • In any case, we do not provide them to third parties (except a range needed for delivery of the product.)
  • Data are stored in secure database with the need of authorized access.
  • All employees of the Doop Trade s.r.o., who will get to touch with your Personal data, was duly instructed about proper and delicate dealing with data.

2. In order to be able ensure quality services, we need some information.

  • You can find a detailed list of requested data below.
  • We earn from you only that data which we really need for process your order – we respect your privacy.
  • In order to ensure that the product paid by you won´t be taken over by an unauthorized person, when the delivery, we request an identity card from each customer and writting down an identity card number to a delivery note – providing of this information is benefical for you. We do not request this information when cash on delivery.

3. No annoying telephones or e-mails!

If you do not wish to take emails with our action offers, just do not click on the consent with its sending, in the case you do that and after some time you decide otherwise, you can cancell them via clicking on the link in the end of our newsletter.

4. Detailed information about processing and protection of personal data

Pursuant the Personal Data Protection Act No 122/2013 coll.

  • Operator of website doopshop.hr is Doop trade s. r. o.
    Karpatské námestie 10A 831 06 Bratislava – mestská časť Rača, CRN: 52476481
  • The operator gets personal data via an order or registration form, placed on the website www.doopshop.hr

5. A purpose of personal data processing

  • Issuing of an invoice, pursuant the VAT Act No. 222/2004 coll, § 71  (2) letter b).
  • Delivery of the product and identification of a customer before taking over of the product paid in advance.
  • Acceptance of an order, of payment for the product, delivery of the ordered product – via telephone and via an email.
  • Records of customers for purpose of management of their user account on the website doopshop.hr
  • Records of customers´orders for purpose of eventual complaint requests.
  • Sending of informational emails in the case, that a customer is interested in this service.

6. The list of processed personal data

  • Invoice data
    • Name and surname / Business name*
    • Address of permanent residence / Business place*
    • CRN*, VAT number*
  • Delivery data
    • Name and surname of a recipient
    • Delivery address
    • Telephone number of a recipient – requested by delivery companies  
  • Contact data
    • Name of a contact person*
    • Telephone number – for confirmation of an order, of payment receiving, communication with a customer
    • Email address – for sending an order acceptance, an emergency communication mean in the case that a customer is not available at the stated number
  • Data obtained when delivery of the product paid in advance
    • Identity card number – protection of you and us – in order to protect that your paid in advance product will not be taken over by an unauthorised person, the identity card number is written to a delivery note (this does not apply when cash on delivery).
  • Data about your orders
    • for needs of their processing and solution of eventual complaints.

*) Only for company registrations

7. Need for providing the personal data

  • Operator gains only such personal data which are neccessary for fulfillment of obligations which are expected from him by a customer via an order of the product. Without these data, it will be impossible to process an accepted order. From this reason, a customer is obligated to fill in all requested data during the realization of an order.
  • For customer´s security, it is neccessary to allow the operator, or intermediary, to verificate his identity and write down number of his identity card to a delivery note, when delivery of the product. This provision should avoid an unauthorised take over of the product in the case that a customer has already paid for the product. When cash on delivery, the verification of identity and writing down an identity card number to a delivery note is not neccessary.   

8. Intermediaries to which personal data are provided

  • Packeta Slovakia s. r. o.
  • Kopčianska 3338/82A
  • 851 01 Bratislava – mestská časť Petržalka
  • ID: 48136999

The operator provides customer´s personal data to an intermediator such as: name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address, order content. The intermediator gains, for the operator, personal data „number of an identity card“ when the delivery of the product.

9. Third parties to which personal data will be provided  

Personal data will not be provided any companies administering databases with personal data, nor other third parties, except the range needed for the product delivery:

  • Packeta Slovakia s. r. o.

Range of provided data: Name and address of a recepient, delivery address, telephone number of a recepient, total price of an order when cash on delivery. In exceptional situations, we can chose other delivery company for the delivery of the product, via an operational decision. Due to the operational nature of such a decision, it is not possible to determine name and business place of such company in advance.

10. Publication of personal data

Our company does not publish gained personal data in any case.

11. Rights and obligations of the person concerned

  • The customer is obligated to provide only complete and true data.
  • The customer commits to prove his identity during the take over of the paid in advance product and write number of his identity card to a delivery note (this does not apply when cash on delivery).
  • The customer commits that in the case of change, he will upgrade his personal data and will do it at the latest before the realization of the first order since such a change.
  • The customer commits that if he provides personal data to the third person, like delivery data (name, surname, phone number), he does so only with a consent of the person concerned and the person concerned is familiar with processes, rights and obligations, which are stated on this page.
  • The person concerned has a right, based on a written request (a letter, an email), to require from the operator:
    • Information about a state of processing of his personal data.
    • Transcript of his personal data which are subject of processing.
    • Repair of wrong, incomplete or not up to date personal data which are subject of processing.
    • Consent with processing of personal data can be taken back by the Buyer any time in written form. Consent will perish within 1 month since the delivery of such a taking back to the Seller and the data will be deleted afterwards.
    • Adjustment of the personal data can be done personally by the person concerned in heading „Change personal data“, which is on the right menu after the customer logs in.
    • All repaired requests of the person concerned will be done and the person concerned will be informed about them within 30 days since their reception.

The customer can apply his right resulting from the act no. 122/2013 coll. via an email on address hello@doopshop.hr, in written form or personally at the business place address.

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